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Monday, 10 September 2018

Bobrisky deported from UK how true is this

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Nigerian popular south south cross gender model also known as bobrisky have recently been deported from UK United Kingdom last week, he has claimes that he wasn't deported or banned from UK but rather he was sent back to get the right visa.

Bobrisky have added that someone must have snitched in him to the immigration office that he is going to UK for business instead of his claims to be on visitation that is the reason why he was sent back home to get the right visa before coming back.

He also added that hatters should go and kill themselves because yes even in his country he is still making his money... Quoting him words he said I make 1million every month and yes I still use it to help the needy so nothing can hold me down.

And for my lovers a big thank you so much especially to my UK fans I am still coming back, after all no bad record was found about me in ally previous journey to other countries. 

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