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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Tips to being the smart student

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Almost everyone in primary school longs to be a student of secondary school and so it goes on and on.
Tips to being the smart student
Tips to being the smart student

This is to say been promoted to a educational level that is higher than where you were before is a dream come true to many.

However, when you finally settled down to study in this new level of education, you might find everything strange and challenging. Here are some tips that will help you out.

TIMING; Draw out your personal time table for your personal studies; make sure your teacher's notes/handouts updated. Read ahead of examination and test periods, this way what you read will become resident in you.

GOAL SETTING: Having known your lifetime goal, make friends with those who can positively impact your life.

Those who are more intelligent than you or those that are good in subject you are weak in, do not feel ashamed or proud to ask for their help on what you don't know.

TEACHER ARE NOT GOD: Ask questions to your teachers on any topic you do not understand.

Obey their rules, do your assignment on time; through this, they will be free to answer your questions anytime you have one.

HAVE FUN: It is said that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" therefore, get yourself involved in extracurricular activities. Such asdebate society, study group, musical group, football team.

 These extracurricular activities can offer you with leadership opportunities which will expose your weaknesses therefore you are expected improve on them. They can also help you gain confidence and in your command of English language.

THE GOD FACTOR: One thing that has helped me and also almost all successful students was that we embraced God.

To me I made God my support system. I place everything into his hands through prayers and fasting and he never fails. Well without God, one's efforts are futile.

FINALLY: However all of the above will not matter if you are not disciplined.
Yes, self-discipline.

Discipline yourself against procrastination, drug abuse, alcohol, smoking, bad friends and gangs as they all tend to damage mind.

..."To succeed in school, every student must be determined to succeed, put God first, shun negative lifestyle, bend down to study, this way, success will be achieved"...
Adapted from Temple Ekeleme #C. Food for thought.

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