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Friday, 22 June 2018

Public warning to olamiode about his music albums

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Public warning to olamiode  Bado about his music albums 
It's surprising how bold this fans can be now a days with artist, though it has been the culture of fans to say all sorts to artist as they have no regards for them anymore. many artist have suffered many insults in the past while others are still suffering in the present and it has almost become part of there calling every body cannot love you as an artist, but this time the artist in the name of Olamide Bado that this insult is directed to is not worth it. Olamide have been know for the joy he gives the street, many even regard him as the father of the street and this is true going by his his yearly street grooving hit albums he has been releasing since 2011 till date, artist was publicly dis by saying

Olamide we are tied of your trash music albums you are releasing on a yearly basics, if you can't use your time and sit and sing something reasonable we are no longer going to buy your music perid. 

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