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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Nigerian businesses can make and receive payments internationally on the web with Payoneer

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If you are engaging in any serious business on the web then you must have came across some difficulties of receiving or making payments for either goods or services outside Nigeria because of the banking policies, this transaction barrier have succeeded in limiting the wide spread of many businesses, have let Less effect of business felt around the globe and have made many business owners handicap to only explore within the Nigerian market space over the years until now that Payoneer have succeeded in breaking most of this transaction barriers.

Payoneer is New Youk based commercial institute of commerce, Payoneer was founded in the year 2005 by Yuval Tal and who is an ex-officer in the Israeli army, with other private investors. Payoneer have grown and widely spread users across the globe as it have gained audience from many bloggers, interpreneurs, professionals, free lancers because of it's borderFree, less transaction and ease of usage that users enjoy.

Having a payoneer account is like operating a United States (US) bank account in Nigeria, You can receive payments from companies or for service from the United States in USD which is totally different from our Nigerian currency and still send you PayPal funds directly to your local Nigerian bank account this process is stress-free all you have to do is inpute figures and push buttons and your money will be credited to the destination account. Payments from the United Arab Emirates are also welcomed, you can as well operate an UAE payoneer account in Nigeria which will work just like the United States payooner account works with only the difference of currency.

My personal experience with payooner
as a blogger and an internet marketer I receive and make payments every now and then for goods and services to clients and business associates across the globe from time to time. It has been easy for me to accept payments from my advertising networks such as chikita, Sulvo, adequate and content, even the ease of paying for my social media promotional ads such as facebook advert, instagram ads, twitter ads and even google Ads have being seamlessly uncommon with other payment platforms when I am using my issued payooner MasterCard.
What you need before signing up for a PayPal account 

  1. You most a local Nigerian bank account to receive your funds from your PayPal account.
  2. A phone or a computer to access the payoneer website.
  3.  Internet connection to access the internet. 
  4. Working credit card to link to your PayPal account. 
  5. Ready to push buttons to fill your credentials. 

If you really want a PayPal account it's easy to get started if you have all the above criteria, simple go to your address bar and type and wait for the site to load, at the top right corner is a sign-up button push the button and wait, you will be presented with a form to fill your credentials, once yourr done filling this form push the continue button and follow the procedures as instructed by payoneer. 
Good luck as you use payoneer and please if you find this article helpful or you find anything conflicting in the process please feel free to express it in the comments box below.

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