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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Making money from a blog as blogger how does it work

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Making money from a blog as blogger how does it work
Making money from a blog as blogger how does it work 

How do websites and blog owners make money from their websites and blogs question of the day

Having a blog is more of creating and developing your online presence with the power of technology on the web. Presently, their are millions of websites, blogs and forums on the web in which are representing the online presence of individuals, companies, organizations, entities and more.

Technology have made it easy and fast to create and mentain websites and blogs of different purposes and mostly which are business purposes, 95% of websites on the web are basically existing for one business purposes or the other and revenue generation and many people and entities are making reasonable monthly income from blogging and owning business websites.

 Have you ever asked yourself how websites fetch money for their owners or how website owners are making money from owning of websites and blogs? Well it's simple I will tell you it's simple how they make their money just like the way and other blogs I own are raking in reasonable amount of money monthly to my bank account without stress and all I have to do is write about things I know how to do and that can help other people in need, writing simple reviews about products softwares, websites and how Tos, and just share what I have written people on social media and once they come to read google Adsense pays me for displaying advert on my blog and I also earn alot from sponsored post by business owners promoting their businesses on my blogs, affiliate program is a bea that have really gone along way in boosting my financial status it is almost the sweetest part of blogging all you have to do is to write reviews on products or websites and recommend them to people by embedding your affiliate referral link to review post you have about the products or websites and once it is what they are looking for and they registered or buy products through you link then you are rewarded for referring for your work, isn't that sweet you don't need an office space or shop for this you room is more than enough for you to make this come through and will start making your daily, weekly or even monthly income from just owning a blog or a site,  this is just in brief I will be making a more comprehensive article on how to make money from owning a website or a blog in my upcoming articles.
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