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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How to make weekly money from football without betting

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NOTE; this strategy am about to share works with all type of sports not only football, emphasis is laid on football because it's the most known sport.

Video made by a South African benefactor  

Secret they will never tell you in the betting system 
"The House always win" Sport is a multi-billion dollar business and people who are make millions from football in fact sports in a whole don't involve in betting....... They rather trade sports, they use the WIN WIN STRATEGY AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY.
My name is Israel Ayomide, am a Nigerian but presently in the United States. I believe if you are seeing this page you must have either watch my video on YouTube, facebook or read my post on my facebook page, well either ways what am about to share with you is a jealously guided piece of information on how you can be making weekly income from football matches without betting which is a very high secrete that have been hidden from people for long because of the selfishness of  football authorities to protect the interest of the betting companies which have been extorting people for a long time too.

 I strongly belive that if you are still reading this post then it shows that you are serious about making money from football without betting and you are tied of losing your hard earned money to bookies and sport tipstars and you will read between lines to the end and get full understanding of the secrete.

Above is a video showing my paypal account balance of money i made from a football money making strategy without betting within four months in the states .

 And below is another video showing my direct SMS bank statement of my Nigerian bank account which is the result from experimenting the football money making strategy without betting when I came home to Nigeria during the Xmas period up to the month of March which is working fine.

 Most people really believe that the most common and easiest way to make money from football is by betting, that is gambling on football matches well I am glad to tell you no that is not true that you have to gamble on football matches before you will start making money from football, I also use to have this same mentality before because i have searched Google many times on how to make money from football and believe me what I keep seeing are posts and search results telling me about how to bet on football matches and sports in general, this mentality changed some on the 4th of September 2017 when I came across a good fellow from the United Kingdom UK specifically from England who revealed the secret of making money from football without  betting in a forum, he made know that people who are really making real money from football are not betting at all they are rather using the win win strategy, and they purposefully keeping it secret. 

Before this I used to be a betting addict and believe me the experience use to very bad. Mostly the experience have been more of losing and losing and losing all over again than I win, though I use to wine some fewer times than I win, and yes I searched, meet, saw many people posting on social media to be game predictors and yes I got contacted by many game tippers tipper sending slot of images of games they have played and won and claiming to be sending me fixed or sure matches after subscribing and making payments to them the games they send will still be lost, all of them are scam there is nothing like legit source that gives you fixed matches they only predict at random and make fake analysis based on previous matches, I even went an extra mile of paying some huge amount sometimes in January to attend some shitty seminars on who to predict and play a bet and never lose or lose fewer time than you wine, am I to talk about downloading different type of apps and subscribing to, to get sure games or talk about cracking brain and making analysis still yet to nothing good came out, I joined many Whatsapp, facebook telegram prediction groups for free or paid games and yet all to no avail.
Well am happy to finally release this jealously guided secret of how to make money from football without betting after I have given it out to some people from different part of the world to see if really it can work anywhere in the world and yes it did worked, am telling you from now on you not have to bet a single dime of your hard earned money any more before making money from football. 

Why is this method better than betting

  1. Be a fan and still make your money 
  2. Your team fails you still make your money and many more reasons
  3. No bookies are involved
  4. It’s a 101% sure TRADE! Not a gamble
  5. You are your boss This business doesn’t require much money to start. 

All bit of infomation you need to now about making money from football and sports in general have been my e-book which is titled football financial breakthrough without betting. This strategy have been paying me ever since I started using it and as well as many as I have given or reveal this strategy to in any way or the other. You to can be part of this and start making your own fraction of the billions generated from football on if you take charge and get a copy of the e-book football financial breakthrough without betting $41.6 Naira equivalent is #15000, that is a low amount compared to the amount you have being paying just receive games from people claiming to have a fake source of games and even the money you have lost to betting itself.  

football financial breakthrough without betting
$41.6 or 15,000 plus a 30 minutes free video to give you more information on how I did mine

What else could be sweeter? You know that if you do, Step One, Step Two, you get this result,We are charging a little from you compared to the huge some of money we have used and lost in the past?
If you are interested and tied of losing football financial breakthrough without betting is a one time payment just to get your own copy and get the secret. Use the contact address below so we can get in touch and get the payment procedure.

NOTE:- E-book and video will be sent to your email or to you on whatsapp after payment have been confirmed. 

 I will be glad to hear from you.

 PLS TEXT THE FOLLOWING: NAME OF DEPOSITOR, EMAIL and (football financial breakthrough without betting)

money back guarantee

if the content of the e-book  is not working for you then request  for refund of your money........ Do this by sending you complain and account details to the following email.

Complaint support 
 And get immediate refund to your bank account without hesitation

I don't have enough money to purchase the e-book

why not talk to a friend, join heads and a copy for yourselves..... This is an act of helping Someone....don't be like the owners of the betting system who in an effort to help people to earn are rather extorting people and giving them false hopes and making people think that they can make good money.... Rather people keep losing their money.

(Some keep asking me to give them a clue or explain further… What do you want me to say? expose the secrets or lie to you that you will make N100000 in one day? the simple explanation is that we don’t gamble on a team to win or not. SO WHAT ARE WE DOING? GET THE MANUAL.. or continue with your gambling skills.)


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