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Friday, 11 May 2018

how to activate night mode on CM browser

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If you are a fan of browsing at night then you should have experience the some inconvenience caused by your phone or computer screen-light, the normal screen-light on your phone or computer is meant  to serve you in the daylight and to enhance your daytime vision, you can regulate the screen light function to either be brighter or to dime it depends on the weather conditions and level of sunlight present and you can still set it to auto whereby the phone regulates the brightness all by it's self working by the amount of external brightness and sunlight, this daylight brightness is still you use when working on your phone at night which is very bad to the eye sight and causing real damage to the eye thereby activating some sight problems like watering of the eye, eye aching and many others.

CM browser with the power of technology have provided a very useful and suitable solution to reduce the rate at which the daylight screen light brightmess is affecting peoples eye sight with light gray colour function they have introduced and built into the browser's setting. The night mode function that have been built into the browser allow users to either switch on or off the the night mode function at wish depending on user convince and users browsing hours.
The light grey night function changes entirely the brightness and colour of the screen to suit the night lights and it does not affect or alters any part of what you are browsing, this a very good advancement the phone and computer developers should look into and make a full nights functions that can serve over all the device at night.

How to activate and deactivate night mode on CM browser
It is very easy to turn on and off the night mode on CM browser and it doesn't need any coding or special skills.

Follow the simple steps below to do so now

  1. Go to either your phone or computer menu
  2. Open your CM browser 
  3. Click on the menu button inside the CM browser as shown in the image below 
  4. You'll presented with a number of options including history, download and other, on the second line you'll find the night mode option tap it and wait for just a second and your browser's background color will change to light grey. To reverse the process repeat the same procedure. 

Enjoy your night browsing. Feel free to express yourself in the comments box below.

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