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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Getting rid of all viruses from your android phones

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Getting rid of all viruses from your android phones
Antivirus software for Android protection 
The invention of android phones have brought about much ease in the phone world. In the past years the use of phones with keypads was the raining trend and have brought about many changes in the technological and internet sector until the introduction and invention of android which is the game changer, the  android phones which I call the game changer have multiplied by hundred percent the advancement which the keypad phones brought.

The androids phones makes it easy for users to manipulate and work things out easier and fast in fact I have always been a die hard fan of android phones since the 2014 because of it's reliability and ease of use and unspeakable browsing speed it offers.

Viruses and malwares have been a very major treat to the world of android phones both offline and online and it have cause a lot of people their phones, data and more valuables on their android phones. The fight over malware and viruses have also been up and very strong, many organisations and firms have been developing and inventing ways and software to cub the activities of viruses and to enhance the android's operating system.
Signs that shows that your android device is infected 
  1. Draining of battery 
  2. Automatic downloading of apps
  3. Over heating of phone 
  4. Call disruption 

How to eradicate viruses from your android phones

  1. Use of antivirus 
  2. Manual removal of infected or virus hosting apps and software 
  3. Enabling of safety mode. 

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