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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Twitter latest surprise update

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Twitter latest surprise  update
Twitter latest surprise  update  

For the first time in history twitter have updated a new feature to it's media platform without notifying the public about the change they want to implement. Twitter usually brings any new updates they want want to implement to the public notice using their official blog or twitter handle but this time they never notify anyone about the change it only came by surprise and have became the talk of the day.

Have tried to quote any post within this week the you should have noticed that the "quote" feature have replaced with "retweet with comment" although you can still quote tweets but the words that makes the quoting have only been changed to retweet and comment, this change is very obvious on mobile.

In past few months twitter have been updating and adding new features to the platform that have being useful, helpful and making the platform more use friendly. Updates that have been added and reflected on the platform include the post bookmarking tool that has made it possible for users to bookmark and save tweets for future use and purposes. This will take time for some people to adapt to the new change update but I believe it will be fun to many when everyone gets used to it.
Sometimes back in September 2017 the platform also extended it's twitting words limit from 140 characters to 280 characters which brought about controversy among user who were already used to the old system and those the change came to their advantage. 

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