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Friday, 6 April 2018

Lock recording is the latest update on whatsapp beta

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Lock recording is the latest update on whatsapp beta
Lock recording is the latest update on whatsapp beta 
from the permission for changing of number and automatic backing up of files and chat without stress and finally still linking you up back to friends and groups and notifying them about the whatsapp phone number change to lock voice recording whatsapp beta app is really going hot.

Whatsapp beta have released a number of smart updates within just some days to it's users ranging from switching of phone number to preserving the chat history and will be automatically gets added to the groups that the old number was a member of and alerting group members about the changes and you still chose who to send the alert and who not too.

Unlike the before when you will have to long press on the mic icon and record before sending the audio file, the latest whatsapp beta.

version 2.18.102 of latest version of WhatsApp beta  on Android has been updated with the Lock Recording feature, this feature allows users to be able to record while navigating through others messages and other whatsapp features. All you have to do is to hold on the mic icon forever about 0.5 second then WhatsApp will show you a new UI, presenting a locked microphone button. Once it appears you appears you will have to slide up to activate the lock recording then you can scroll through your chat history while recording.

This feature is present only for Android users but will soon be updated for iOS users in the nearest future. This is not the end expect more from whatsapp beta, like listening to once voice before sending it out 

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