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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Job vacancy: Earn extra cash during your free time at home

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 Job vacancy: Earn extra cash during your free time at home
 Job vacancy: Earn extra cash during your free time at home 

This is should be my first article here about how to make money from you home and am very very sure it is going to be the reason why some people are going to leave their state of being jobless and leaving a poor life, don't get my statement twisted and think am boosting nope the reason why I said "people are going to leave their state of being jobless and leaving a poor life" is because I am going ro reveal the how you can make it I mean make real even while you at home.

As a student, graduate or have even obtained a certificate, maybe you even have a work doing or you don't, maybe you have but it is not really paying you or possibly, maybe you are tied and you want to try other options or you are still looking for one then be grateful that you found this article on time and count your self lucky because you found it for free and you didn't pay for you have it. Making money now adays many people think that is only the government that can employ you and will pay you handsomely, "🙋Hello"  stop sleeping and wake to see many opportunities around that you have not for gave a thought to and working out very very well for others apply to yourself too and be surprised. Let me stop here and let the cat out of the basket

BUYING AND SELLING OF PHONES IN YOUR AREA: This is a very very good business for any one both students and graduates even if you are already working you just have to be very when dealing with people because some can go and steal handsets and come and sell to you so have to be very very conscious of the kind of people you are dealing with, buying and selling of phones does not really require having a big capital for you to begin, after all you are not selling new phones this business is very good for people in campus, in secondary school even your local environment, some time you find out that some people around you are in need of money or even a friend and is ready to sell his or her phone to raise funds to solve there problems then you can come in to help the person and help yourself by buying it and later selling it, and trust me at this state the person is in need will trigger the person to beat down the price. Even with as low as #5000 you can start up your business, I will be talking about that in my next phone article.

2. OPENING GAME STATION: This is many what many youth's and many adults because they cannot do without  usually after the days stress or to cool off there heads after lectures.
Most likely you can get PS 2, PS 4 and if possible 5, and the most interesting part of it is that you must not even be the one managing you can employ another person and you will be supervising what is happening and you will be surprised to level of cool money you will make at the end of the day, opening of game station, buying "PS" you can even have a snooker board or table Tennis board were people will come and play for money.
3. Learning joint:There are many things you know how to do and others are out there looking for how to learn what you can do and apart from that you can possibly be good in a particular course in school, or if you are a lady or a guy and you know HOW TO MAKE BIDS or bake cakes or chinchin, that is a very good thing for you, all you have to do is to get a location which you don't really need to pay for, you can use your either room, classroom, back of a class room or even under a tree all you need is your audience and your teaching materials then organise a teaching seminar on how to do those things you can do too. 
You can as well get parents who are ready to pay teachers to put their children through one thing or the other after school
4. COMPUTER JOBS: many always look down to the extent computer works can help increase them financially and many others never regard it as a job if it is not in an office, but I tell you with the days we are in now, everything is computerized and every one needs a computer literate individuals to do one or the other work for them, having computer skills is the only way out.
 Computer skills like typing, downloading of media files eg. Videos, music, pictures and installation of softwares are very popular and easy jobs you can easily do after you daily work or during your leisure and still earn some few bucks into your pocket, and you didn't really need a public office for this kind of jobs once people know you can do it.

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