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Monday, 9 April 2018

important five conceptual keys to understand before starting any business

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important five conceptual keys to understand before starting any business
important five conceptual keys to understand before starting any business

One thing you need to understand in life is that nothing comes  free, I mean no success comes without a price and second you need to set goals to what ever you are doing or what ever you want to venture into because without this you can never meet up not even with your peers, you need to take charge and plan, I in person sometime back I use to slack to things and I will be thinking I am at my best, yes I use to at my best usually with wrong timing which is bad for business because as business minded individuals you really need not to play with time at all, but I did a little until I came to realize that and I amended the falt.

  Now a days  there are so many people both online and offline today that are giving out many businesses ideas that are seriously working out for many people but get surprised that you have tried and tried but nothing is happening no progress you are just spending and spending but still yet their is nothing to show forth, you keep paying for seminars, buying e-books subscribing to different tutorials watching videos and all to no avail.
  Worry no more stop thinking negative about yourself or thinking that it is someone somewhere that is stopping your progress because there is no body but you yourself, you are the problem of yourself no one else all you have to do is to check yourself because I strongly believe there is something you are doing wrong and you are yet to discover that error you are making, but never mind because today in this article I am going to give you what I call the MASTER KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS VENTURE.

1. Desire
2. plan
3. Implement
4. Persever
5. Archive

1. DESIRE : This is the first stage or the beginning of any business or even anything in life, it is the state were you dream or aspire for a particular business or lifestyle, imagine yourself just become like Mark Zuckerberg the C. E. O of Facebook all of sudden you it's not possible not at all it can never happen you need to start somewhere you to think of yourself self being like that before anything of such could happen to you even Mark Zuckerberg did not just got there like that he took a very great step of dreaming, he aspire before he develop Facebook and through Facebook millions of business men and women make real money to earn a living and even feed others.

2. Plan :Planning is very paramount for any dream to be a reality. Planning being the second basic step to a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS VENTURE, needs a very systematic approach, you can just start jotting or write down things and keep thinking you are doing it right, no you don't plan that way but rather you find out how things are done, find out the basic knowledge of how to rightfully startup a business, cones and pros, then you setup a time frame for yourself on when to startup and what you want to archive within a stipulated business time period. As I have stated in my previous paragraph time is what you should never play with as a business inclined individual, just like the popular saying "time is money" never play with your, try on regular daily basic to plan how you want to spend your day a night before the following day,  don't forget time is precious, proper plan prevents poor performance.

3. IMPLEMENT :this were you start the real business trial, it is a point were the business journey takes off properly, at this stage you must prove yourself discipline always stick to plan because you start experiencing or you start getting the results of your plans, all you have planned for in business starts producing there outcomes that is why you need to plan well, make good plans. Don't for you might experience many challenges that will tend discourage you from continuing all you need to do is to persevere, which I also call the golden step.

4. PERSEVERE :perseverance is like a backup plan more of a backbone to any business, it is what gives your business the power to continue even when you feel tied of the business possibly because of less patronage (LEARN HOW TO BUILD YOUR FAN BASE MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS FEEL WELCOMED) maybe because it is not yielding the expected profit or not even yielding any profit at all, at this stage you need to promise yourself that come what may you are going to actualize your dream in that business, then only by persevering would you archive your dream business and make it a successful lifestyle out of it.

5. Achievement :There is always a rest and pleasure after every profitable labour. Fulfillment of dreams, all your travels dreams, taking good care of your family and every other project you feel you want to archive through your business. If you fulfill this steps then you find fulfilled business.

"Don't for get poverty is not an of for life, so take action the time is now"


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