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Friday, 6 April 2018

control your phones data consumption with google datally app for free

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control your phones data consumption with google datally app for free
control your phones data consumption with google datally app for free

Many a times you may notice that your data subscription runs out unusually and you can give an account of how and why such had happen and you know you have not downloaded any big file or visit too many sites that contains many pictures or watch any video online, so what could be the cause of this unusual data consumption, well the answer is that some of the apps you have installed on your phone are the things consuming your data without you knowledge.

You don't even get to know that this apps are the once consuming your data at the background because probably you are even using them but once your data is on they start consuming some fraction of you data and you can't control it, well if are a victim of this then google datally app is got you covered.
 With google datally app you can be in charge and full control of your phone and the apps consuming data subscription without your knowledge.

Google datally app is a new data saving simple google tool for Android and iOS users, Google datally app goes along way in helping android and iOS phone users keep track, control, understand and save more data instead losing too many data unnecessarily.

 This app works fine and perfectly on virtually all smart phones running on lollipop version 5.0 and higher versions of android, and it is available forever download on Google Play Store.

Features of google datally app that will help users to control data to reduce data consumption and save up to 30 percent of your date subscription.

Data saver 
Google datally app helps users to control apps background data consumption singly from one app to another. As know that most apps use background data to update informations and data about app.

Wi-Fi discover 
In the absence of data subscription on your phone or you don't have enough data on your phone and even sometimes your just want to save your data for other things, public Wi-Fi is the next option. Google Datally App is capable of discovering any open network nearby that is recognized by datally community.
Timely aalerts
Regular alert is being sent whenever any apps start keeps track of background data consumption and sends alerts to users when apps consumes more than enough data and can keep track of daily, weekly and even monthly data consumption with this feature.
Data Saver bubble 

this feature is like a measuring meter, it kick-start when ever any app starts consuming data and indicates the percentage of data being consumed by the app. 

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