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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Best cheap data offer for all networks in Nigeria

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Best cheap data offer for all networks in Nigeria
Best cheap data offer for all networks in Nigeria 
Internet data browsing plan have always being one of the major difficulty faced by smart phone and heavy internet users like cyber Cafee and other firms that constantly uses the internet for their everyday to day activities.

Many are time when I have received mail and call from people asking if their are better internet and cheaper internet data plans that I can recommend to them because the present plan that are using is too expensive and maybe they are not getting the best out of it, for one reason or the other which usually ranges from "the network service provider is not enabled or supported in my location, the network of the service provider is poor in my location to the data plan runs out too fast.

This have made many users to move from one data network provider to another in Nigeria.

I myself have also been through all this data hassles and tress and this have made me to start following updates from networks providers blog and other networks cheats bloggers. Finally I have compiled the list of some useful cheap data plans that will help you in daily internet browsing endeavours.

Mtn double data offer allows subscribers to get double that is two times (2*) the value of what ever users subscribe to, though it is not working on all mtn SIM cards because some people are already complaining that it is not working for them and others a happy and already enjoying their mtn double data offer.
How subscribe and enjoy this offer. Follow the procedures below
  1.  Send DOUBLE to 131 as a text message
  2.  Send PROMO to 131 as a text message.
  3.  Finally, Send FREE to 131 as a text message.

1st message: "Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect."
2nd message: "Y'ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don't resend your request. Thank you!"
3rd message: "Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#".

NOTE: If the mtn double data offer is not working for you don't lost hope just simply dial *131# on you phone dialer to check for other suitable data plans.

9mobile is not very active in most part of Nigeria because in most places they don't have 3G lite browsing speed. But if the 9mobile offers 3G lite browsing speed in your location then I recommend you to any of this data plans.

16GB for N5000

32GB for N7000

59GB for N10000
NOTE: the following data plan lasts for 3 months.

Ntel uusers

Ntel is new growing network provider that is growing real fast, thought they don't operate in all part of Nigeria but they have covered most of the states. Ntel is presently running data promo on all there SIM Cards. When you purchase one new Ntel SIM Cards then you get 12Gig data inside it and if get two SIM card then you get 12gig data and if you recharge 2500 you are entitled to 24 gig. To activate and start enjoying this data offer then simply go to on your browser's address bar and activate it within few clicks. 

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