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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Amazon affiliate phone verification can now be simply solved in Nigeria

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You can now solve amazon affiliate phone verification in Nigeria
Amazon affiliate phone verification can now be simply solved in Nigeria
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It has become the talk of the day both social networks and blogs since a while now that many Nigerian are finding it hard to solve the phone verification process to confirm newly created amazon affiliate accounts in which a very closed friend of mine has also fell victim. Amazon affiliate program allows users to make money by referring people to buy things from amazon market. After creating an amazon affiliate account, every user is being assigned to a unique referral link that can be used to refer other people to buy from amazon market place by either embedding the links to a their blog posts on their blogs or simply by promoting the link on social media and if they could successfully convince anyone to buy using their link then affiliate users get's created to their affiliate accounts. Having gone through the brief process of how the amazon affiliate accounts works then let me go to how to solve the phone verification problem process.

I got a call from a friend of mine last week telling he is having problems with verifying his new amazon affiliate account since the old amazon affiliate account have been blocked and asking me if their is any way that I round it that I know because anytime he try using his Nigerian phone number he get an error message and that have made him frustrated and don't what to do.

I also tried it at my end and it wasn't working so I deduced that it might possibly because am not using a US phone number so I started searching google for how I could get a US phone number in Nigeria to bypass the verification process and yes I did.

I came across a way to bypass the verification using a US virtual phone from textplus virtual phone number provider. Textplus Mobile App is a free virtual phone number provider that allows users to get access to other countries phone number and used the to receive and make calls even though they are not in the phone country, they provide phone numbers to many different countries including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, China and many more. All I wanted was a US virtual phone number and I got it, so I moved on to the verification process.
How to get your US phone number from textplus free mobile app
I simply went to google Play Store and searched for textplus then I downloaded it and I got full access to my new us phone number which I used on the amazon affiliate account and I worked perfectly for the verification process. I got my verification pin from amazon by receiving and picking amazon's call from the app and I simply provided it to complete the verification process, you can still use the US phone number from text plus to make phone calls but you have to buy call credit from textplus before you will be allowed to do so.

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