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Friday, 6 April 2018

5 steps to keep your android phone secured from thieves

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5 android security measures against hackers and thieves
5 steps to keep your android phone secured from thieves 

Over the years the phones we are using that were mainly for 2 known purposes which is making and receiving of calls and sending of messages have gradually experienced many technological advancements and have evolved from being just a phone to a computer itself, this technological advancements have caused many harm to people ignorant of how to be secured when using their phones, thought this technological advancements have help humanity in many positive ways than that of the bad percentage it has done.

Nowadays, peoples privacy have been violated in many ways by this so called technological advancements and have lead to the destruction of many houses and families.

 Hackers and thieves have always find a loophole in the advancements and used them as a weak point to penetrate people's phones to get there private informations such as social media login details, unique bank  information and many confidential information about people.

This day to day threats on people's privacy have brought about many researches on how most of this attacks are been carried out and what the best security measures to be taken to have an overall firewall against such situations and some in specific. Below is the of some basic 5 measures to keep your phone out of reach for hackers and thieves.

Secured internet network connection
There are many places now that we can get access to many wireless network both in schools,  hospitals, banks and even in our homes.

The fact is that all of this wireless networks are not totally secure, they are susceptible to attack by hackers they can easily be injected with malwaer.

It is advisable not Performing or do any form of transaction with your bank or login using any of your social security numbers when browsing on a wireless network because the information you are sharing can easily be intercepted during this process by a middle man and if you must or you don't have any options but to use the open wireless network then it is very important that you a VPN to encrypt you network. You can search and download some good vpn forever encrypting your from Pay store for free.

Get rid of application from unknown sources 
This is the way most people usually do get infected, downloading and installation of app from other vendors apart from the official android Google Play store is very bad because apps are not safe to use they might probably been infected with malware which will be used to steal once personal information and used against one. In the phone settings navigate to apps permission were you switch on or off the permission to install any app from outside Google Play Store.

Get an antivirus app installed 
Thanks be to God for the AV companies. Most of the AV companies have antiviruses that are also available on the the Google Play Store for download. Example include Avast antivirus and Kaspersky, all of them are available for free version but you can still subscribe to premium pack.

Overall phone luck 
It is important to implement some screen phone lock to your android phones to restrict intruders from getting access to your information. Virtually all android phones come with the options for screen lucks in section of the phone settings in the security setting options.

Always use chrome browser for browsing 
Try to always update your chrome browser to the latest updated version, this will help in keeping you safe from malwares on the internet web pages and downloading of bad files. There are many sites and web pages that have been designed for stealing credit card information, login details, ID many more information from you even without your consent.
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