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Friday, 9 March 2018

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When I was young, during my elementary school days, I wasn't an excellent student. Despite the fact that I had this small stature, younger than some of my mates, not able to converse in a simple constructive English language, not neat enough to be recommended as a student, but all these did not connote that I was the worst student in class.

I was an average student that was trying to maintain his stand in between or slightly below the middle of the rank of excellence. I was not one the students that always look forward for a gift at the end-of-the-year party ceremony, which sometimes I won't feel like paying for the party except whenever I was giving a role to play, either in the drama group or cultural dance. That's when I did feel responsible.

Throughout my primary school days, I couldn't find my muse as a prospective student, not until when I got to secondary school. I decided to change my status as a student, to change my ways and reschedule my plans as a good student in order to compete with the bests. To turn a new leaf, I started to be punctual, and I was punctual consecutively over a certain period of time, to the extent that I was noticed by my vice principal and eventually got rewarded. I was referred to as a good student on the assembly ground, I was giving janitor position and a new dawn beckons.

Why am I telling my story?

Do you know that my single decision turned everything around, the giant stride of a confused young boy, striving to crack the shell of "average student" that has cloaked him for a long time made him to realised that it's not comfortable where he is. I began to love myself, I began to take care of myself, I began to dream, dream and dream high.

At the end of my secondary school days, I got to the highest position as a student and a well dignifying position in the spectrum of excellence. 

I never forget how far I have come. Everything I have gotten through. All the times I had to push on even when I felt I couldn’t. All the mornings I got out of bed no matter how hard it was. All the times I wanted to give up but I got through another day. I will never forget them all.

Everything changes when I begin to love myself. I no longer send out energy of desperation or the need to be filled from the outside. I become a powerful source within myself that attracts better. The more I love who I'm, the less I seek validation and approval.

And ever since, I have kept improving and now I don't care about being the best student because my definition of an excellent student has changed, "is not about about how many "A"s you can get but how many people you can make to get to their desire position". And when I achieve this, then I will proudly call myself an excellent student.

Olagunju Oluwaponmile F.
(aka) Mr_Folap

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