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Saturday, 24 March 2018

So what next

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Harka started cutting Daniel's hair at eleven o'clock dot, he just started shining the lower part of the hair and later started reducing the top at random without know the actual hair style he is going to barb him, then a pulsed and said "hymm Daniel am just cutting your hair but sincerely I don't even know the particular hair style to barb you, Daniel answered him and said just must continue cutting me follow your instincts I believe you are going to cut a reasonable style, something really good besides I don't even have a particular hair cut I want or will you barb me 3 steps,  no maybe skippada flippa I think that one is good, just continue I will be pleased with what what ever you finally arrived at.

Gabriel came in and said in Hausa language ji mana and we replied kusaya gais, we shook hands and soon Daniel dozed off on the sit were he was sitting, the atmosphere stated becoming very dull so Gabriel brought out his phone and plugged the sound system's AB input cord soon he started playing Big shark's track man's not hot..... Mehhhhhn sleeping Daniel jumped up and began miming Harka was against it and he said, Gabriel please play Wizkid's songs instead, all of a sudden he mistakenly scraped Daniel's in the center, Daniel notice it and got angry and was raging I never wanted to witness what was going to follow because Daniel can be very rude so I simply worked out of the shop. What do you think would happen next

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