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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Converting your airtime to cash is now possible with zoranga

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I have seen many people posting on facebook whatsapp and many social that they have mistakenly over recharged their lines using their banks and many have contacted me asking if it possible to convert the airtime back into cash back to their bank accounts without losing much, but I have not been able to provide any better answer other than for them to just contact credit card dealers or whole sellers and sell to them at cheaper rate in exchange for money.
Have you suffered such before? then zoranga is here for you. With the aid of zoranga you don't have to start locating any airtime buyer or dealer to buy you airtime in exchange for cash anymore.

Zoranga offers you the liberty to exchange and convert any airtime you have mistakenly over recharged right back into cash from the comfort of your home, you can as well make or receive payment from your costumers without much stress and hassles, all you have to do is to ask them to pay by sending the equivalent of the worth of the money in airtime then you can convert the airtime back into cash with your zoranga account.

Step by step guide to create a zoranga account in Nigeria 

in order to enjoy the benefit converting airtime into cash with zoranga you will have to create a zoranga account, don't panic it easy and free to create and use the zoranga account. Follow the below steps to create you account now.
  1. Go to your browser address bar and type zoranga. Com and wait forever it to load. 
  2. At the top of the site click get free account and feel all the required information properly.
  3. Navigate to deposit money on your dash board and click it.
  4. Select from the available means of deposit the once that suits you and you think will be easier forever you.  Below are available means of deposit on zoranga airtime PIN deposit , deposit with 9mobile transfer or deposit with MTN Share n sell.
  5. Wait for some seconds and you get the value of airtime credited to your zoranga account. The zoranga fun's can as well be sold to any zoranga agent.

Enjoy and have a nice time as you exchange your airtime forever cash and vise versa. This can also save as a means of trading airtime to people from far and near. Is this article helpful, if yes then share with others 

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