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Friday, 16 February 2018

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Why didn't you wait a day more just for you be born on Valentine's Day?

There's alot of sarcastic questions that was asked of me...

Whatever a day means to the World, Feb 13 means more to me. Infant some believe that wasn't my real date of birth because their belief Says my date started since the day I was conceived.

No matter people's beliefs, Feb 13 is still my reference date of birth. You might even say I'm not healthy due to the virtue of my month, may be that's why February born are so special. To clear your doubt, check through February Born, you will always have something special to point out of their life.

I was born many years ago when they couldn't take my picture with smartphones and didn't have chance to filter it with snapchat. I was born raw and natural. At the point of my birth, even though my mother was laughing while I was crying just because I was the the epitome of love, not because of the month of love or a day proclaimed Valentine day but I was the best gift she could receive as Valentine gift.

I wasn't only a valentine gift to my mother but also a birthday gift to my brother (shout out to my blood brother, Happy Birthday to you also). He was born on Feb 13 also, and I could still remember the story I was told when he was asking for birthday goodies to share for his friends in primary school then. As narrated, he was crying for pack of family cabin biscuits, because that's the normal routine of anyone celebrating birthday then to share that biscuits. He didn't want to be indifferent and later he's was pet to go to school that the biscuits is coming.

To cut the long story short, he came back home devastated because he didn't feel good of not sharing the biscuit. His mood was changed when he heard I was born. That means, I'm the source of people's Joy.

I'm also a birthday gift to my brother and his birthday was celebrated in a Grand Slam, because I'm very sure that all his friends came the following week to eat the biggest meat they could ever had.

Apart from mother care, my brother has nurtured me well to become a better person today, it's a blessing to share a date with you and even though we lived past years with our tantrums, but the bond of our birthday date has played a good role.

Today is not about me alone but to you all that has showed me love and those that are still going to show more of it.... Let  me leave you people to talk about me.

Olagunju Oluwaponmile F.
(aka) Mr_Folap

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