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Friday, 16 February 2018

Thank You All

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At 12am on dot, I received my mama's  messages, it wasn't a surprise because that has been constant over the years. Her messages were simple but prophetic, loaded with prayer ammunition to fill my arsenal... she showered her blessings and the day became more brighter, and I wondered how the future would be, if 350 character prayer can brighten a day, I wonder how you might have designed my future with your angelic prayers.... I love you maama.

I savoured every moment that people used to talk about me on all their platform today, I wished I could stopped the time like the days of Joshua, and continue to enjoy every moment of it. Although I didn't enjoy the beatings that I endured from my friends that made me weak.

I was full of joy but I wasn't overwhelmed with it because I observed pragmatic part of people's comments of which I can use to add values to my life. Which means; I wasn't appreciated alone but I was also thought a life lesson.

I don't have to go 360 degrees or climb highest mountain, I don't have to find millions of words or uncommon words for my appreciation. No matter how fascinating my appreciation words would be, if it doesn't contain that octal words(Thank You), it would not be completed.

A big THANK YOU to those made my day, those that resisted the power of their pride just to post my picture on their various whatsapp status, facebook pages and instagram.... Thanks to those that has kept the date in mind, even though we didn't talk through my previous year and not sure we are still going to talk till another day like this. I appreciate those that softly said HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my way today, even though we have not been talking but it meant alot to me.

I love those that didn't get the chance to say their few words to celebrate me due to one reason or the other.... I know you could have done better.

To my blood brother and my mentor, even the course of life created the distance but the unfathomable love has shortened it. I could remember when we celebrated it when we were still young, we ate the icing sugar that was used to write our names on the cakes that were made for us overnight. It's very loud and glamorous, dazzling in our white suits and danced to the AWILO LOGONBA with a smile our faces. I imagined that if we saw each other today, we could dance shahku shahku together....

This is another year for me to repay your love that I experienced today, another chance for me to prove myself once again to all my lovers out there and another series of moments to share and to live together in love.

Thank you and I appreciate you all once again...

Olagunju Oluwaponmile F.
(aka) Mr_Folap

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