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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gidi Girl

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A saying goes thus "you can't hide how you feel for long"
Here i was thinking it was all fantasy.
Thinking this feeling is based some fiction
Wishing the world could get over the bitter truth

Like a stranger without a destination
You came into my life
Giving me only positive vibes
Making me feel like I've been living in a fantasy world

Felt what it feels for someone to mean alot
Felt what it really means to care for someone
Above all,
Felt what it means to love

Like a slippery slope
I fell for your affections
I became an emblem of love
A definition of drunk in love

Above all,
Your love gives me energy
Your smile the motivation behind my inspiration
Your touch sends a wave down my spine,
Reminding me i have someone worth dying for.

My Gidi Girl

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