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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Devil In Disguise

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Mom said "beware of guys,majority are evil"
Yet i turned a deaf hear
Till reality dawned upon my soul
Fell in love with a Devil in disguise
Betraying my affections for a low life being

TIMI !!!
I voiced out with anger
Why?? I asked
I thought you were my all in all

No more feelings
No more affections
Men are evil
So i thought

Till an angel sent from above
Set me loose from my own chains

 not until I found out that the guy I was willing to die for was having an affair; Never thought Timi could stoop so low to cheating on me with my maid.
Love; that magical feeling that is irresistible. He was my all, so I thought I was his *"better half"*,  not knowing I was only being played.
Then I made up my mind to lock up my feelings without knowing an angel was on his way to mend my broken heart.

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