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Friday, 16 February 2018

A Clarion Call For Solidarity Of All Osogbo Youths

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By: Olagunju Oluwaponmile. F (a.k.a Mr_Folap)

One philosopher once said and I quote “Give me one hundred ‘believing’ young men. I will transform this country as the number one nation in the entire world.” Thank goodness we have more than hundred youths in Osogbo. Now, the question is, how many youths have the believe that there's still something good to stand up for in this city? how many youths have not lost hope?

A single bee can be ignored but when millions come together even the bravest run in fear. For those that still believe in this city, to those that have not given up, those that are 50% off the mark and those that don't have at all. We must come together like cyclone of scorpion and take good part in this magnanimous cause.

I'm not writing this to talk about history of Osogbo, may be I will talk little about the achievements of those who didn't forget their origin, those who thought outside the box and made something good out of it. I'm writing on how to make another history, how to replace those old frail brain and bodies that is still lingering in the corridor of power with those that have hands full of strength, young bloods, genius-like brains and prospective youths.

This is a call for solidarity, for the youth of Osogbo, both the indigene and those that are living in diaspora. This is a clarion call and a siren call to action for those that have wills of iron, nerves of steel and hearts that do not know how to quake.

Anything good must sprout from within so that the external body can visualise and reflect the beauty of it in all its splendour. We have been given education even though is not good enough and not up to the standard we have been dreaming of, nevertheless, it's still our voice to speak. This is high time we stood up together in unity, to pick up our glory and dust it to make it shine more brighter.

When I look around and see youths doing great things and those that have a great potential especially Osogbo youths. Our strength can be compared to that of dynamite. Dynamite can do great good when used in the right way. It can pave the way for new buildings, schools, lakes, highways, and numerous other projects which will benefit mankind. In the wrong hands, though, it can be used to take life, often thousands of lives.

No matter how oppressed we are, we should not live in the shadows of others. Let's be accountable for our actions.

We have been given cultural heritage for us to be proud of, our adventure into the world have made us to not see and know the value of what we have. People are calling us different names and all other sorts of derogatory words, while we are hidden our true origin. Social discrimination and racial bigotry have made a lot of Osogbo youths to find their new center of gravity just because they could not stand the intimidation.

We are running from our flaws because we failed to think, we are running to where there's greener pasture when our own land remain a virgin, where crème de la crème fruit can germinate from. We didn't realised how blessed we are because we are too naive and lack value of experience, we don't know how to crack the shell of shame covering our glorious cultural heritage.

According to Ulli Bier, “Unlike European art student of comparable age and unlike the art historians, critics and anthropologists who have been looking at their work as ‘Yoruba’ or ‘African’ or ‘Western,’ early prediction that Osogbo artist would soon run out of steam after their european mentors left Nigeria in December 1966 looks ridiculous”.

For the record, Some prominent people who have dedicated their lives to put Osogbo on the world cultural map and have made their marks throughout Nigeria and the world at large. Like Chiefs Jimoh Buraimoh and Muraina Oyelami, they are artists with only rudimentary formal western-style education, they are one of the most influential Nigeria painters and artists, they lived their youthful days to protect and make judicious use of our cultural heritage. Osogbo as a city has produced over 130 professors of which some are vice chancellors of some universities in Nigeria.

Nowadays, we are too idealistic, too naive and lack value of experience. Whereas, we have limitless and boundless energy but we have not yet learned what can be done, battles to win and how to conquer the world again and again.

A significant portion of this generation youths have denied their origin and their father's land, they have ran away from home. Although some youths of this generation are not to be blamed for their parents have orientated them badly about Osogbo and on consequences of going back home. At mere hearing of "Osogbo", they are in perplexity.

Apart from educational platform and institutes like universities that join us together, let's maximize the social media revolution that's unfolding before our eyes and that will forever change the way we connect. At the same time, we must combat social challenges and atrocities we Osogbo youths are facing, we must clone ourself with regalia of honour and restore our heritage pride.

We must be the trailblazer, I cannot help but be optimistic when I see the commitment of young Osogbo people around the world, breaking new grounds. Over the next decade and beyond, if we are to solve the most pressing issues of our time, we need to tap into the dynamism of youth movements (e.g Osogbo National students Association Union "ONSU") and young social entrepreneurs, for they have the potential to disrupt inertia and be the most creative forces for social change.

As a proud Osogbo indigene and as a youth, I took upon myself to be responsible for others with a view to creating a new environment for we youths. With full sense of humility, I'm Onsite, Osun State university, Osogbo campus chapter Vice President. In my quest, to rally people and convince them to join this great cause and be the major actor in preventing this city from its peril, all to no avail.

I over heard some Osogbo boys and girls saying, "No social life here, there accent is wack, they don't have manners, they are not educative enough, I can't even marry them" and all sorts. This is just innuendos coming from indoctrinated mind of lost sheep. Instead to find ways to put things the way it suppose to be, they are busy running and killing it with there words.  They have killed many Osogbo indigene self-esteems, forcing them to hide under their callopy with detrimental low self-esteem.

Our accent is who we are, our cloth is our identity, our fatherland is our heritage and no one, I mean no one can take it from us. Let's regain our best and admirable part that can ignites out true potential, gives us confidence, strong drive towards success, motivation to speak and do exploit, our high spirit and esteem is the power to restore value among peers.

Although, not everyone can be involved in politics, there are many other way that you can get engaged and contribute to this force. We are craving for fast growing development without any tangible sacrifice, your sweat and strength will make it great. 

I call on youths of this great city, this is not the time to be fragmented, let's derive our joy in our togetherness, there is benefits in togetherness, let's fight this together, the inequality, injustice and the diabolic sovereignty of our leaders.

Let our words convey the fact that the true essence of youth is not to be found in the past, nor in the future, but rather in the desire to do something for the benefit of other people living with us in the present moment. The joy of being an indigene and able to point right fingers to our father's house should be shared by all and our way of life must be dedicated to our daily effort in building a great society that we would all be proud of. I pray that Almighty should strengthen us and bless us all to do great things for this city, actively and selflessly. Amen

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